Do you need to make more informed decisions?

A general is only as good as his field intelligence. The same is true for business managers. Whether you’re a CEO, ‘C’ level, line manager or sales manager you can only make informed decisions if you have relevant, easily understood and up to date business intelligence.

There is much talk in the business world about the value of big data and business intelligence helping businesses make more informed decisions. The reality is the best big data is the data that your business generates itself. The best ways to generate this data is with a new generation ERP software solution, and for mid-sized businesses, the best solution is Sage X3.

With the knowledge that people in a business use information differently including staff on the move and in the field, Sage X3 includes a range of applications and functionality that present and distribute data in ways that support accurate interpretation and use of the available business intelligence. With optimized data marts for rapid deployment and report use and an ERP data schema optimized as a data warehouse Sage X3 offers mid-sized companies a quick and cost effective path to becoming data savvy and ready to drive further business growth through the use of information.

Sage X3 helps level the playing field by allowing mid-sized businesses to compete effectively with larger competitors by using their data more effectively. Sage X3 has been specifically designed for organisations with mid-sized business resources but large business challenges. Sage X3 makes business intelligence that was once only available in tier one ERP systems available and affordable to mid-sized enterprises and without the need for heavy IT resourcing.