Do you want to empower your people on the move?

Efficient mid-size businesses provide their people with a business system that allows them to complete business tasks whilst on the move. They equip them with an integrated suite of tools that work on the mobile devices their staff use on a daily basis. They equip their people with information to deal with important tasks and activities and without onerous login requirements. Efficient mid-sized businesses make their important ERP information available to staff on the devices they use, on a daily basis, in a secure manner, so their staff can deliver quality business outcomes. They include communication and enforcement of alerts, workflows, escalations and approval processes to mobile staff so your business can continue to operate regardless of where your people are located at any one time.

Sage X3 is an all in one ERP software solution designed specifically for mid-sized business that provides your people with secure access to essential business data when and where they need it on the devices they use every day. The HTML 5 technology, compatibility with any browser and the ability to create your own company apps makes Sage X3 the most flexible and powerful mid-market ERP system for companies on the move.