Do you want to become more efficient?

Business efficiencies come in many forms. It comes in the form of improved record keeping. It comes in the form of better business processes. It comes in the form of information that drives more informed decision-making. It can also mean how effectively you respond to customers. No matter what your efficiency goals, for most mid-sized businesses new efficiency campaigns begin with an implementation of a new generation ERP software solution.

New generation mid-sized business solutions such as Sage X3 are very different to Enterprise Resource Planning solutions of the past. Solutions such as Sage X3 are designed to automate and streamline every aspect of your business, from finance to CRM, to procurement to sales management, data management, business intelligence, people management and almost any other aspect of business you can image. Further more Sage X3 is mobile ready which is a high priority for any mid-sized business searching for ways of making their workforce more efficient.

With built in alerts, work flows and approval processes, inter – entity and inter-site trade, deep Microsoft productivity application integration, options for EDI trade, radio frequency warehouse management, document and file management, process flow design and visual process screen design, self service portals, eCommerce integration and mapping and a host of other time saving capabilities Sage X3 will help you achieve greater staff productivity and improved customer service by better managing data capture, presentation and analysis and by making information available to staff when they need it and where ever they may be.