It is widely accepted that mid-sized Australian businesses face similar challenges to those faced by larger organisations.

However, mid-sized Australian businesses face these business challenges with fewer resources. This is why it is incumbent on management of mid-sized enterprises to explore any avenue that may deliver greater business efficiency so they can compete and grow profitably. For most mid-sized Australian businesses better suited Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business software, is the most effective means by which they can achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Do more with Sage X3

Mid-sized ERP software solutions, such as Sage X3 are proven to deliver real tangible business benefits. These include reductions in operating costs, improved cash-flow, better utilisation of working capital, reductions in administrative costs, improved inventory alignment with demand, improvements in complete and on-time deliveries, improved cash collection and management of creditor payments as well as improvements in schedule and contract compliance.

Software such as Sage X3 also provide out-of-the-box industry-specific solutions for a number of industry sectors which include Process and Discreet Manufacturing taking into account make to order, make to stock, engineer to order and mixed mode manufacturing, Service Management, Financial Services (Non-Banking) and Distribution.

Why do Australian mid-sized businesses choose CitySoft as their Sage X3 implementation partner?

CitySoft is Australia’s most awarded and well resourced Sage X3 implementation partners. Our specific Mid-sized industry knowledge and project management expertise allows us to successfully deliver ‘best practice’ solutions; to reduce the time and cost of implementations; and to create conditions that produce significant long-term returns for our clients.

Recommended products for mid-sized business

Sage X3 V9 (Product Update)

Sage X3 V.9 is the perfect Enterprise Resource Planning software solution for mid-sized enterprises and organisations with sophisticated or mature business processes. V9 is designed around improving the system’s mobile experience and enhancing integration and delivery with new features for manufacturing and distribution.

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Sage X3 V8 (Product Update)

Sage X3 V.8 is the perfect Enterprise Resource Planning software solution for mid-sized enterprises and organisations with sophisticated or mature business processes. Sage announced the release of Sage X3 PU 8 at the USA conference held in New Orleans in late July.  Sage X3 PU8.2 is primarily focused on extending manufacturing functionality.

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Sage X3 V.7.1

Sage X3 7.1 is the perfect Enterprise Resource Planning software solution for mid-sized enterprises and organisations with sophisticated or mature business processes. Sage X3 7.1 provides out-of-the-box industry ‘best practice’ solutions for sectors such as Process and Discreet Manufacturing, Technical and Professional Service Management, Wholesalers with sophisticated warehousing needs, the Financial Services (Non-Banking) sectors and enterprises consisting of multiple legal entities operating in one or multiple legislation’s.

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Sage X3 extensions

Out of the box, Sage X3 is possibly the world's most advanced, intuitive mid-market ERP software solution. However, even the best solutions can benefit from specialist extensions. Sage X3 software extensions expand its capabilities in areas such as logistics and inventory management, forecasting, scheduling, document management and e-commerce.

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Sage CRM

Sage CRM software is the perfect fit for mid-sized Australian business with the goal of improving customer communications, marketing and sales pipelines. Sage CRM software integrates seamlessly with Sage X3, providing your sales and marketing teams with a ‘best of breed’ solution, with mobile access.  

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Sage CRM 7.3

Sage CRM 7.3 is now available as a stand-alone best of breed CRM system or integrated to Sage advanced business information systems (Sage 300c and Sage X3.) Sage CRM offers small and medium sized companies the perfect companion to help accelerate sales performance and drive sales productivity. 

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SEI (Nectari) Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence represents a paradigm changing new generation of Business Intelligence tools which is helping mid-sized Australian companies make more informed decisions by providing actionable, real-time insights into operational, financial and HRM data. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI | Nectari) is the ideal data analysis and reporting solution for mid-sized companies including companies currently using Sage X3 or Sage 300. With SEI | Nectari, your people will have access to live key business metrics, informative dashboards and reports, allowing them to make informed decisions and to predict and plan for the future.

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SI (Alchemex – Sage Intelligence)

Sage Intelligence (SI) is an optional Financial Reporting tool for Sage X3. It ships with 4 Excel-based out-of-the-box reports (Financial Report, Financial Report by Company, Analytical Budget Report, and Analytical Report), which have been designed for both the standard financial statement and analytical reporting requirements, for more specific financial analysis. Sage Intelligence (SI) reporting capabilities include pre-defined drill down reports that allow users to investigate detailed transactions from within the familiar environment of Excel.

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XM Symphony eCommerce for Sage X3

XM Symphony eCommerce for Sage X3 is another e-commerce software solution designed to help you maximise the value and functionality of your Sage X3 solution. XM Symphony eCommerce uses data as it has been set up in Sage X3 to display items and prices, to calculate taxes and currency conversions and to display customer order/shipment and transaction history.

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Sage CRM extensions

Learn about the SAGE CRM extensions, which are making one of the world’s most intuitive and powerful Customer Relationship Management software solutions even more powerful.

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Provenio Technology has devised Procession, a software enhancement suite to the Sage X3 software toolkit that further handles the changing logistics of chemical manufacturing with precision and accuracy.

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Lascom’s Product Lifecycle Management software tracks the development of a product from start to finish in one efficient system, making it the perfect addition to Sage X3 software for Food and Beverage Manufactures.

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Concur is the leading travel, receipt and expense and management system with over 27 million users World wide.

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